Mindfulness motivational speaker

Mindfulness is a hot-topic. Mounting pressures placed on professionals and parents affects happiness and productivity. Busy lifestyles are creating situations where we are not able to achieve our full potential. And we are becoming more susceptible to anxiety, stress and depression.

Blowing my own trumpet here but I’m a highly accomplished and accredited coach and trainer with more than 25 years’ experience. I draw on my experience as an entrepreneur, executive coach and mindfulness teacher to provide your audience with a tailored talk to effectively increase well-being.

As a speaker my specialist well-being topics are:

  • Work mindfully
  • Parent mindfully
  • Love mindfully
  • Live mindfully

I’d love to have a chat with you about what I can bring to your keynote presentation, conference or event.

Let’s talk

Samantha is able to build rapport with a group very quickly which means she can get down to business fast and effectively. She is bold, honest, and knows her stuff! JPI Media